Week Twelve (week beginning May 23): “But is it Art?”—the new dynamism of art

This week, we look at art – if you look at art, you might see what is happening else where or the future.

I want to focus on the ecologies of sensation where “The shifting aesthetic ecologies that are formed by different media, old and new (telephones, electricity, video, tv, film, computers…). What difference do these different aesthetics make to culture and society, or to sense of self?”

Art is an expression, and through art the audience feels that expression, that emotion that the artist is trying to portray. If art, mainly, contemporary art, use different forms of media, and we sense something from that, how does it effect us?

Ethico aesthetics is the practices we might choose to have in relation to how we organize the world – an aesthetic experience and a different way of looking at the world in media social change.

Does media art direct our future?

The idea of the future drives what happens in media change. Media constantly re-organizes the future.

Well I can say that technology may definately give us a sneak preview of our future. When we look at new age robots in Japan and even the “mobile phone culture” that changes and shapes their society it is possible as we are now able to connect things up that couldn’t be done before.


Armstrong, Keith (2005) ‘Intimate Transactions: The Evolution of an Ecosophical Networked Practice’, the Fibreculture Journal 7, <http://seven.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-047-intimate-transactions-the-evolution-of-an-ecosophical-networked-practice/>

Whitelaw, Mitchell (2009) ‘Transduction, Transmateriality and Expanded Computing’, The Teeming Void <http://teemingvoid.blogspot.com/2009/01/transduction-transmateriality-and.html>

and watch some of the video material for the Chunky Moves dance production Mortal Engine, at <http://www.chunkymove.com/Our-Works/Current-Productions/Mortal-Engine.aspx> (some very mild nudity is involved) [If you’re interested, you can check out Frieder Weiss, the software developer’s site, at <http://frieder-weiss.de/>]

Shalom, Gabriel (2011) The Future of Art Transmediale <http://www.emergence.cc/2011/02/the-future-of-art/>


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