WEEK 9: Social Organization—Micropolitics, Networks, Swarms, Designing for and Living in New Communities. Collaboration

“Can we all govern?”

Today, new media that reforms the new society brings together a community and ecologies of practice. Social organizations such as the “Coalition of the Willing” take on the key concept of individual participation through an “online network dedicated to open culture climate solutions”.

Organizations like this is a clear example of how society can rebuild themselves together, online, share ideas and thoughts, share talent, share anything and create or change something without having to persuade the government or organization – taking matters into our own hands. And it works! I’ve been seeing posters everywhere around the city to support the issues of global warming and they weren’t from the government!

I guess you can see this form of social organization as dangerous and illegal at times – where music is shared, and there can be issues with intellectual property – but stepping aside from that we begin a whole new development of ideas and change of things that matter to us.

So, no longer do we have to rely on big organizations with power to frame our participation in society – we have now created our own “bottom up organisation” (Terranova), based on open source collaborative system. Free softwares, or anything that you don’t have to purchase to participate in something makes a much better collaboration where there are better resources in the commons to participate in social forms of society.

This open collaboration knocks own any frames that forces us to look only one way, making it a transversal relation. If you break these frames you can see other possibilities that are now happening through new social organizations that challenge the old ecologies.

“Blinkers prevent transversal relations; they focus by severely circumscribing a visual field. The adjustment of them releases the existing, but blinkered, quantity of transversality”. (Genosko)

So this is us NOW.

A society filled with micropolitics. A society where online users are able to transform and govern the state. No longer do we have to wait around for an issue to be discussed by the powerful – its more about freedom and communication.

If I were to make a change in this world, right now. It would be about parking tickets. I seriously have maybe 6 stuck in my diary right now. Adding up to about 500 dollars. But I have 30 dollars in my bank account and if I tell my parents they will never let me drive again. It’s unfair. Let’s do something about it. Even if its discount parking ticket vouchers.


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