How do media/social change interact with out memories, habits, perceptions and sensations (including vision, but also hearing, touching, proprioception), thinking and activity, attention and protention? How do all these come together; along with the shifting world? (Murphie 2011).

These questions from the subject in relation to media ecologies found to match a lot of processes that exist today with media technology platforms that serves as a kind of external hard drive that backs up our memory.

That being said, memory can be in different forms through all sensors. There’s, ‘protension’ which is when the experience of the past is played/projected into the future. Simple things like remembering how to sit on a chair – your experiences of the past of when you first sat in a chair is played into the present where the memory shifts the action from the past to present.

Extended memory, also called the hypomesis memory can be portrayed through media forms such as writing. It helps us to remember – what Stielger calls, mnemotechnologies. An example of this can be seen through the use of the navigation system for when you drive. The GPS can be seen as the extended memory, where it helps you recall the directions to a certain location – or may provide a new experience.

Stielger also describes 3 kinds of memories. Firstly, Primary, is the ongoing and continuous experience, memory. Secondary, is what most people might know as “memory” – the store and recall. And finally the “image consciousness”, that interfere with primary and secondary.

So how does memory and perception relate? These all relate in the sense that it becomes a cycle. Our bodies are action potential. Whether it is unconscious actions, or conscious ones, or whether the movement is by the world, or from the future.


Wikipedia – the extended mind


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